Insulation Studio

CESVA Insulation Studio

CIS generates reports according to the norms ISO, for airborne insulation, impact noise insulation and reverberation time.

  • ISO 16283-1, ISO 717 and ISO 140 compliant
  • Specific reports and single-number ratings according to Spanish, Portuguese, French, British, Italian, Finnish, Brazilian, Swiss and American national building regulations
  • Data stored in project structure
  • Automatic data import from CESVA instruments and entered through keyboard
  • Report printing and exporting to word processors
  • Graphic and numeric data edition with reverberation time recalculation
  • Windows® Software 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 and 8
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Measuring Assistant

CESVA Measuring Assistant

CMA provides comprehensive step by step support in real-time, before, during and after the insulation measurement.

  • Step by step guide to sound insulation measurement according to ISO 16283-1 (default procedure and fixed microphone positions method) and ISO 140: Airborne sound insulation, facade sound insulation, impact sound insulation and reverberation time.
  • Management, optimization and automatic wireless device synchronization (spectrum analyzers and sound sources)
  • Data ready to be imported directly to CIS (CESVA Insulation Studio)
  • New working philosophy. The most innovative, fastest and easiest way to measure sound insulation.
  • Windows® 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Software
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Risk Manager

CESVA Risk Manager

New software designed by CESVA for a complete solution: able to assess the risks arising from workersÂ’ exposure to noise in a simple, efficient & intuitive way.

  • Calculations and reports in accordance with ISO 9612
  • Assessment by various strategies including: Task/Job/Working day
  • Automatic calculation of uncertainties
  • Assessment of results with and without PPE (hearing protectors)
  • Automatic and manual input of measurements with editing facility
  • Measurement filters for quick execution of required assessment
  • Technical and organisational measures (improvements) simulator with comparative report (before and after)
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Studio Editor

Capture Studio Editor

An intuitive, user-friendly tool with which you can edit data of CESVA Spectral Analysers and  CESVA Dosimeters.

  • Editing of .ccf files downloaded from CESVA spectral analysers
  • Dynamic selection and elimination of intervals of measurement
  • Zoom function
  • Calculation of global and spectral values, and statistics for time measured
  • Selective export of functions into various formats (Excel, Text)
  • Selection of functions to export and also the "Overload" information
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Software for downloading, displaying, editing and reporting data from SC420.

  • Download of records from the microSD card and from the SC420
  • Simultaneous numerical and graphical display (tables and graphs) using synchronized panels
  • Playback of audio files in sync with the display of sound level functions
  • Automatic report generation in PDF format
  • Direct copy to Excel of measurement sections
  • Editing and re-calculation of sound level functions of layers with multiple measurement sections
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