The Company

Innovations Technical-Equipment Trading Co. L.L.C. (I.T.T-Innovations), is a Dubai based company established in early 1997 with a primarily objective of introducing to the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf markets the most innovative technologies for applications of growing importance. In 2010 ITT-Innovations associated with AMEGTECH (Alpha Middle East Green Technologies Ltd. Co.), of Aqaba Jordan, to enhance and to extend its products and applications coverage to other Middle East countries.

Specializing in controlled environment, environment protection and health & safety applications, involving air filtration, renewable energy, energy saving, contamination control, respiratory protection, exposure monitoring and air parameters monitoring and measuring instruments, we develop markets for leading foreign brands and we offer a reliable sales and after-sales service operation focusing primarily on customer’s satisfaction.


 We promote technologies that protect people, preserve priceless artifacts & documents, ensure processes reliability, save energy and protect the environment...imag



As solutions providers, we offer a thorough product’s application engineering know-how coupled with top-end products form leading manufacturers in their fields, recognized globally for quality, innovations and productive & active Research & Development. Most of our products are manufactured in compliance with ISO9001 Quality Standard and applicable international performance & safety codes & standards.  


Warranty we offer extends to 2 years or more on many of our products with a minimum of one year warranty. 2, 3 and 5   years extended calibration and/or repair and calibration and repair service contracts are offered on many of our TSI instruments. 



 An unlimited, free of charge, sampling & media life testing program is offered on our Purafil dry scrubbing media controlling corrosion, protecting artifact’s or documents or protecting people. This free of charge service keeps the user comforted to the level of protection our media is achieving and allows him to better plan his inventory of replacement media.


Field surveys

 Field surveys for are offered to help the investors & managers minimizing their liability at a reasonable cost. Such surveys allow assessing & ascertaining at an early stage the need to invest in contamination control systems or filtration systems for IAQ, emissions control, corrosion prevention & corrosion monitoring:


♦ IAQ field surveys:

 Measuring ventilation parameters, VOC, CO2, CO, RH, temperature, PM10, PM4.0, PM25 & PM1.0. Surveys can extend to measuring H2S/Cl2 levels in water & wastewater applications) or particles and viable particles count in Cleanrooms and pharmaceutical applications.

♦ Corrosion field surveys:

Monitoring & documenting corrosion levels in electronic process control centers, computer rooms, museums, libraries & archives using Copper/Silver coupons or electronic real time corrosion monitors.